Fablab Iztech is coming to meet you!

Our fabrication laboratory Fablab Iztech which has been operating since March 2021 and is a global member of Fablab Network, is coming to your faculty to meet you and invite you to the co-creation ecosystem.
We aim to share in line with your questions, ideas, and suggestions throughout these meetings, where the facility, activities, productions, strategies, and goals of Fablab Iztech will be explained. We invite all our students, academic and administrative staff who are producing or intend to produce for professional or amateur purposes, in the fields of scientific research, education, R&D, innovation, design, engineering, craft, and art.
The first meeting:
Faculty of Architecture
Building A Seminar Hall
19.12.2023 Tuesday
The day and time information of the meetings we will hold at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering will be shared.